Vitalis Born, Wholesum Raised


Vitalis Born, Wholesum Raised

Vitalis Born, Wholesum Raised

What’s special about the new logo / new PLU sticker?

It is a commitment to organic integrity. ‘Doing the right thing’.


Why Vitalis?

Vitalis is committed to a closed-loop organic agricultural system; one that starts with organic seed.

  • Non-GMO
  • No use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers in the development or production process
  • Bred to be adapted to organic production systems.
  • Varieties selected in collaboration with organic growers to meet their special production and market needs.
  • Seeds grown under certified organic conditions.
  • Vitalis is committed to organic seeds since its creation in 1992.

What is the messaging? “Vitalis Born, Wholesum Raised” is a promise that:

1- Seeds were selected and produced under the highest organic quality standard.

2- Tomatoes were grown under the highest organic quality standard.

Are hybrids compatible with organic farming?

Yes. Hybrids are naturally present in nature. Vitalis’ breeding techniques replicate what nature already does through the crossing of like species for best traits.

There are many key components in organic farming. Why specifically a sticker about seeds?

  • Organic seed is the first input necessary to grow organic vegetables.
  • Organic seed brings value to the chain as a whole, from grower to retailer to consumer.
  • Organic seed is eco-friendly; reducing our foot print on the environment (Sustainability).
  • Studies show that organic seed varieties translate into flavorful tomatoes because the plants scavenge for nutrients.

Also it demonstrates a commitment to organic breeding. Varieties bred for organic production systems will be better adapted to organic production systems (systems that do not use synthetic chemicals in their management systems, and work with biological systems to manage crop production). In short, thanks to organic seeds, we can produce more with less.


  • Vitalis has a non-GMO policy.
  • All Vitalis seed production, handling and breeding techniques are USDA NOP certified and compliant with COR (Canada) and SAGARPA (Mexico) standards