The Vitalis Difference


The Vitalis Difference

Successful organic agricultural production begins with quality seeds. All of our varieties are thoroughly screened at the Vitalis Research Stations in Europe, Arizona, California, Florida and Culiacan, Mexico; followed by multiple regional trials for taste, appearance, performance and suitability. Seed quality and purity tests are performed in Enza Zaden’s US and European laboratories to ensure the seed is vigorous, true-to-type and disease-free. This exacting process results in the purest and most viable organic seeds available in the marketplace.

High performance
To ensure premium quality and high germination rates, our seeds are also thoroughly tested for seed-borne diseases, with breeding and variety selection performed in disease prone organic agriculture systems. We don’t simply apply organic techniques to conventionally produced seed; our process and our product is organic from end-to-end, ensuring that our varieties are well-adapted to organic growing conditions in North American regions.

Consumer awareness
By taking the time to understand the motivations of the organic food consumer, and by investing in the education and evidence necessary to grow this percentage of the consumer population, we’re able to provide seeds that will yield products consumers desire. Exceptional taste, appearance and nutritional value ensure that the foods you produce from Vitalis Organic Seeds stand out among traditional supermarket fare.

Premier choice
Enza Zaden’s many years of experience as a global leader in seed breeding and seed technology, combined with Vitalis Organic Seeds experience in organic selection and seed production, results in seeds of unmatched quality and performance. For professional growers of organic vegetables and herbs, Vitalis Organic Seeds is the premier choice.